est. 2017

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Culture • Community • Creation

You're on the right path.

Welcome to one of the many pit stops you will encounter on the way to your destination.

Life is one funky ride, & our favorite way to spend it surrounded by hypnotic beats, visionary art, playful lights, and a conscious collective of other funky individuals.
CAUTION : Sensory Overload.

We strive to create environments that stimulate the mind, body, and soul to fuel inspiration and self-exploration. During these ephemeral moments, we encourage you to reflect, recreate, and embrace your own journey.

Since 2018, Free Form has provided a safe space for local creators, wanderers, partiers, and dreamers to come out and express who they are, whether it’s music, art, fashion, dancing, dressing up, or creating friendships and memories. An event that allows you to show your true colors without judgement or fear. This gathering has become a fundamental part of idgaFNK and will continue to host the celebration of self-discovery.

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